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Neck Cushion - Pink

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Size: 28 x 28 x 9cm 


  • Outer fabric: Microfiber velvet 
  • Inside: young rubber / memory foam 


  • Prevent cervical spine degeneration (Using U-shaped pillows on airplanes or offices,... will help your neck and nape area be better supported).
  • Support the neck area, eliminate the feeling of neck pain after waking up or lying in the wrong position. 
  • Bring a smoother, more comfortable sleep when driving, traveling by plane or train. 
  • Helps you sleep better at work or on long trips. 
  • Can replace the backrest pillow to hug or lean back when reading, watching movies at home, working in the office to reduce back fatigue. 
  • User guide: 

♫ Only wash the outer fabric with fabric softener, do not use strong detergents giặt 

♫ Do not wash the inner foam layer.

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