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Modal Contoured Memory Foam' NIN House

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Size: 60 x 36 x 10/12cm 


  • Outer Fabric: Modal Double Jacquard 
  • Inside: Young rubber / memory foam 


  • Super soft and smooth: helps bring a soft and smooth feeling, helping users quickly fall into a good and deep sleep. 
  • Adjust the height/low to suit the user 
  • Fixing the neck in the right position: thanks to the moderate elastic function, it hugs the head, neck, shoulders and back to help users lie in the right position, limiting neck and shoulder pain caused by lying in the wrong position. 
  • Support the treatment of diseases of the cervical spine, joints and muscles of the shoulder and neck region. 
  • Support for the treatment of cervical spine, joint and muscle pain. 

User guide: 

♫ Only wash the outer fabric with fabric softener, do not use strong detergents giặt 

♫ Do not wash the inner foam layer.

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