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NIN Snow Blanket - Aqua

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- Made in Korea 

- Material: Microfiber 

- Size: 

  • 130x200 cm 
  • 160x200 cm 

- Exceptional Features: 

  • Monochrome, rustic, modern, suitable for the user's own aesthetic and feng shui 
  • Light fabric, soft and smooth, simple packaging, easy to carry when traveling 
  • Convenient to use for children to go to school, use at work, travel and take the train 
  • Gentle, smooth for the elderly 
  • Easy to wash, quick to dry, easy to maintain, does not take up storage space 
  • Safe for all skin 

- User manual: 

  • Wash before use 
  • Dissolve soap before washing to make the product more durable 
  • Machine wash on gentle mode 
  • Should be washed separately from other products 
  • Do not use strong detergents 
  • Wash with water at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius
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